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Sapient Global Markets launches Sapient Synapse

First Published 14th September 2016

Sapient Synapse platform enables firms to capture and manage data requirements through a series of visual, web-based tools.

Sapient Synapse is a hosted platform for business and technology users to manage and capture data requirements and metadata in a transparent manner. By enabling closer collaboration across organizational silos, Synapse aims to create a more efficient way for firms to track, view and analyze data usage and understand how user actions affect other systems and process.

The Synapse platform addresses the following data management disciplines:

· Information Mapping: Connecting multiple datasets together through an intuitive UI

· Data Requirements: Simultaneously manage multiple data requirements

· Transparency & Lineage: Track, view and analyze how data is used within an organization

· Metadata: Research and manage the meaning of data

· Impact Assessment: Understand how user actions affect other processes and systems

· Data Mapping: Perform data mappings across sources using visual tools

Multiple teams of users can work together through the web UI to link and update datasets with audit and permission functionality, enabling greater collaboration and filling knowledge gaps between organizational silos.

Synapse also has a partnership program that firms can use to add accelerators and build out the platform, adding functionality to meet specific needs. This includes content correlation to load unstructured data into Synapse and correlate with the data requirements and metadata being managed. It also offers the ability to integrate the taxonomy of the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Financial Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) to accelerate regulatory project analysis and transparency to enable regulatory compliance.