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Object Trading first vendor to conform to ASX's new trading platform

First Published 15th September 2016

Object Trading prepares clients for ASX's derivatives platform upgrade.

New York and London - Object Trading has announced that it is the first vendor providing market access to the ASX to have conformed to the upgraded ASX 24 (futures) New Trading Platform (NTP) from Cinnober, due to go live in early 2017.

ASX 24 market participants need to connect to the NTP in order to continue trading, clients using Object Trading's Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform can adapt to the NTP upgrade.

By connecting to venues such as ASX through Object Trading's DMA Platform, with a single, normalised interface supporting all forms of electronic trading for 60+ markets, participants can save resources in maintaining up-to-date exchange connectivity and dependent upstream front-end trading systems.

The ASX 24 NTP introduces significant technology changes, with a new matching engine, new protocol, and new interfaces. With all functionality testing complete, Object Trading are fully conformant and ready to support derivatives trading clients through industry-wide testing and implementation rehearsals, so that clients can continue to access ASX 24 with minimal changes to their own technology environment. Object Trading has been working closely alongside ASX in the early stages of development and will support technical testing by clients on the new exchange platform.