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Almax Analytics debuts artificial intelligence engine

First Published 22nd September 2016

Big Data gets organized with a real-time news analytics system for capital markets.

London - Almax Analytics, a software platform delivering actionable insights, has announced they it has emerged from stealth (development) with a customer ready product for the Financial Markets.

Almax Analytics addresses the problem of information overload with actionable insights by putting the content of news into context and by running deep analysis across the entire network of affected companies. The software applies and combines technologies of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, network analysis and data visualization for an existing problem. The technology is deployed through a web-based platform and is subscription based.

"It is simply not feasible for humans to read and absorb the sheer quantity of news available. This is a real and painful problem for asset managers and one that is impossible to manage in real time with the current systems," says John Superson, Chief Executive of SUMO Capital and the beta customer for Almax. "The analytics output of the Almax Analytics platform is highly valuable as it helps to generate alpha and manage risk and improves trading with efficient intelligence and data gathering. "