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Ancoa becomes a Trayport Certified Software Provider

First Published 22nd September 2016

Ancoa connects to Trayport's systems to supply Trayport clients with market surveillance capabilities.

London - Trayport, a provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges, has announced that Ancoa has been successfully accredited as a Trayport Certified Software Provider (CSP).

Trayport's CSP program is designed to enable third party suppliers to connect to the Trayport system in order to support mutual clients.

The changing regulatory landscape means that many energy market participants now require surveillance and analytics tools to ensure that they remain compliant.

Stefan Hendrickx, Founder and Executive Director at Ancoa, said "This certification highlights to market participants that Ancoa is a trusted supplier of software solutions that utilise and connect to Trayport technology."