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Corvil introduces machine-time analytics

First Published 3rd October 2016

Corvil machine-time analytics addresses transparency, surveillance and compliance challenges.

Dublin - Corvil has introduced a new class of data analytics to address the challenges concerning transparency, surveillance and compliance for trading businesses participating in high speed financial markets and algorithmic business in general. Machine-time analytics are being introduced as part of Corvil's latest release of its streaming analytics platform.

Corvil's machine-time analytics platform is based on streaming analysis of granular data with precision timestamps. Corvil uses network data as its primary data source because it is the richest and most granular source of machine data available and provides an independent, immutable record of what actually happened.

Corvil is also introducing App Agent which delivers machine-time visibility of internal application events with low overhead. The App Agent aims to solve the problem of efficiently offloading the work of serializing, batching and publishing time-stamped application events. With the addition of App Agent, the Corvil solution now provides machine-time visibility from wire to application to wire.