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LMAX Exchange chooses Metamako for matching engine monitoring

First Published 11th October 2016

LMAX Exchange to deploy Metamako's devices to actively monitorall incoming and outgoing FX data in its core matching engine system.

Sydney, London and New York - Metamako, the provider of deterministic network devices for financial institutions, has been chosen by LMAX Exchange as an integral component of its operations. Metamako's devices will be used for actively monitoring all incoming and outgoing FX data in the firm's core matching engine system.

LMAX Exchange in the process of replacing its existing, passive fibre-optic based tapping solution with the more dynamic, active solution from Metamako. By implementing Metamako's devices in New York, LMAX Exchange will be able to monitor, broadcast and replicate data feeds. The solution will also allow LMAX Exchange to repatch its racks and servers dynamically, improving ROI.

The key features of implementing Metamako include:

  • Patch panel functionality allows 'rewiring' to be done remotely.
  • Simpler data centre cabling.
  • Metamako provides economies of scale.
  • The ability to use copper cabling, which is more robust.
  • Easier network management.
  • Lower error rates
  • No degradation in signal quality