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AMS-IX publishes real-time network performance using Accedian solution

First Published 11th October 2016

Live network data from AMS-IX enables customers to optimize their own connectivity based on traffic, performance, price, and other variables.

Montreal, Canada - AMS-IX, the Dutch IP traffic exchange platform, is now able to publicly publish its own connectivity performance using technology from Accedian, the end-to-end network performance provider, to monitor and measure the performance of the AMS-IX IP network.

AMS-IX is using Accedian's solution to provide customers with service level agreement (SLA) reports and real-time statistics, though a web-based portal. This enables users of the traffic exchange to check if their SLAs are being met, and to verify reliability of the platform.

Accedian said it integrates monitoring measures metrics in each direction with microsecond accuracy. Exchange interconnects only cover short distances; therefore measuring their performance in milliseconds would not be sufficient to differentiate specific connections, or detect at an early stage any issues affecting performance.