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Avelacom and DGCX announce partnership

First Published 11th October 2016

Avelacom and Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange partnership to speed up trading and identify new arbitrage trading opportunities.

Avelacom will provide DGCX members with added connectivity choices and infrastructure solutions. The architecture of Avelacom will include additional bandwidth with low latency, high frequency trading hosting services and co-location in close proximity to exchange matching engines.

As a result of the partnership customers can gain faster access to international markets via Avelacom's ready-built 30,000 miles global fiber infrastructure. Financial services companies, especially those who employ algorithmic trading systems, can deploy DGCX market data low latency delivery.

Due to its close proximity to DGCX trading platform Avelacom's new node in Dubai has helped facilitate a reduction in latency (RTD) to a range of destinations. The best-in-market ultra-low latency routes between DGCX and the most popular trading venues have been updated to reflect the latest changes:

  • Chicago (Aurora) 170,16ms
  • London (Interxion) 98,4 ms
  • Mumbai (BKC) 27,8 ms
  • Singapore (SGX) 78,9 ms