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GreenKey to launch mobile Turret app

First Published 12th October 2016

New 'pocket turret' to offer full integration with GreenKey's software and Voice over Internet Protocol.

Chicago - GreenKey, creator of a voice workspace platform for financial market participants, has announced that the firm next month will launch a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The new app will offer full integration with GreenKey's patented software and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network along with existing turrets (lines and hardware). Turret functionality will be available through the mobile app, including intercom connections with push-to-talk functionality. In addition the app will include the ability to place outbound or accept incoming calls with full recording capability and transcription.

GreenKey Chief Product Officer Anthony Tassone said: "We're thrilled to launch our 'pocket turret.' This nimble, lightweight app will allow brokers and traders to leverage our collaboration tools anywhere they go, while remaining compliant with full recording and transcription capability."

The app will offer integration with existing legacy hard turrets through the use of the GreenKey Voice Gateway. This gateway allows users to get 'On-Net' with those contacts still using legacy hardware and lines.

The new app uses Cordova, a popular framework used in iPhones, and takes up very little space on the phone. Users can download the app on iTunes and Google Play.