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NovaSparks reduces feed-handler latency by 25%

First Published 18th October 2016

NovaSparks redesigns book-building engine inside feed handler.

New York, London, and Paris - NovaSparks, the field programmable gate array (FPGA) market data company, has redesigned its book building engine inside NovaTick, its ticker plant, lowering the processing latency for order based feeds.

The new book building engine is at the heart of NovaSparks' FPGA architecture. One of the other architectural changes includes a new low latency PCS (Physical Coding Sublayer). NovaLink customers can use the FPGA-to-FPGA link to receive NovaSparks' ticker plant data directly into their own FPGA trading systems. These architectural changes will be formally available for the Nasdaq TotalView ITCH feed in November, followed by all the other order based feeds currently supported by NovaTick in January.

"We managed to reduce latency by 300ns and it will benefit all of our customers, whether they consume the market data in 10Gig Ethernet, PCIe or NovaLink", said NovaSparks CEO, Luc Burgun. "This new book building architecture also puts us on very solid ground to dramatically increase the scalability of our solutions in the near future well beyond the currently supported 8,191 instruments for order based markets."