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xCelor launches DPI-embedded iXPM Symbol Switch

First Published 18th October 2016

First switch to offer low-latency, symbol-customized market data on each port.

Chicago - xCelor, a provider of low-latency trading solutions, has announced its latest product, the iXPM Symbol Switch at FIA 2016. The iXPM with embedded deep packet inspection (DPI) technology leverages xCelor's existing portfolio of Layer 1 switches including the XPM, XPM3 along with its market data feed handlers.

The iXPM enables customers to customize each port's protocol and format for their specific set of symbols into various multicast groups.

The iXPM enables customized market data feeds with DPI technology at the core of its Layer 1 switch to focus solely on providing a low latency solution to latency-sensitive traders. Features include:

  • Low-bandwidth, customized feeds: Filters a majority of unwanted symbols at the source as well as independently on each of its 32 ports. This reduces bandwidth and jitter - the largest component of overall latency throughout the network.
  • One switch connects to 32 trading servers: Up to 32 trading servers can trade with just one low-latency switch hop away from the exchange. iXPM Symbol Switch along with XPM can support hundreds of servers thereby collapsing the network- increasing ROI and reducing overall costs.
  • Rapid adoption (with zero integration development): Configure the iXPM switch to your choice of standard protocols independently on each port making adoption faster without software development. xCelor also provides its own format (with book building) that removes need to re-parse - further reducing latency.
  • Reduced network complexity: Each port's reduced symbol set can be further channelized into multicasted groups at the source - allowing the channels to end up at the destination without further parsing.