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DataArt and Deutsche Borse create ETF eLearning program

First Published 19th October 2016

Deutsche Börse and DataArt partner to create interactive eLearning program on Exchange Traded Funds.

Frankfurt, London, and New York - DataArt, a network of independent technology consulting and software services firms, has partnered with Deutsche Börse to create an interactive eLearning program on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The program targets investment professionals and private investors to provide them with the necessary training to become certified ETF specialists and effectively utilize ETFs as a tool for portfolio diversification.

DataArt used the German-designed AAA Asset Allocation Analyzer tool in the solution to enable users to visualize diversification. The application provides a simulation of financial markets using historical data from 1994 onwards, testing multi asset class performance during major market events such as the Lehman crisis, and the dot com bubble.