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Enyx deploys Metamako hardware

First Published 19th October 2016

Enyx's nxLink to use Metamako's MetaApp Altera Arria 10 FPGA-based platform to power nxLink solutions.

Chicago, New York, and London - Enyx, the provider of low latency solutions, and Metamako, the provider of deterministic network devices have announced a strategic agreement.

The tie-up means that Enyx's nxLink ultra-low latency network product line will use Metamako's MetaApp Altera Arria 10 FPGA-based platform to power the nxLink solutions.

Metamako's MetaApp offers a combination of three core components: a layer-1+ switch, an FPGA and an x86 server. Clients of the new partnership can access the nxLink Share and nxLink Secure applications, which are now available on the Metamako Platform. Switching to the Metamako platform enables nxLink solutions to comply with telecom form factor for easier datacentre integration.

The nxLink Share application targets radio frequency telecom operators and allows service sharing by multiple users through bandwidth limitation for individual users. The nxLink Secure application also provides fibre backup to a primary radio frequency, ensuring all packets are transmitted from one end to another, whether it is through the primary or the backup.

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