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BM&FBOVESPA approves Object Trading as conformed ISV

First Published 31st October 2016

Object Trading conforms to BM&FBOVESPA for direct connection to deep liquidity.

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading

New York, London - Object Trading, a provider of multi-asset trading infrastructure, has been fully approved by BM&FBOVESPA in Sao Paulo, as a conformed ISV to handle market data, order entry and pre-trade risk constraints via its Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform for its clients and partners.

BM&FBOVESPA's recent requirements for direct connections, in lieu of order routing partnerships, takes effect today. Object Trading enables international buy-sides outside of Brazil - as well as domestic - to maintain existing, or facilitate new direct market access to the BM&FBOVESPA without technology disruption.

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading's Director of Strategy, said: "By using our platform, clients can reduce their investments in connectivity development, testing and quality assurance for every exchange technology change. We take care of all of that for them, so that they can stay focussed on trading."