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Kx sets new STAC benchmarks for tick data analytics on Dell EMC DSSD D5

First Published 1st November 2016

Kx Systems's time-series database kdb+ sets new records in independent testing on the largest dataset ever used.

Peter Lankford, STAC

Peter Lankford, STAC

London & Palo Alto - Running on Dell EMC DSSD D5 Rack-Scale flash storage system with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, Kx and Dell EMC have achieved the fastest results to date in 16 of the 19 benchmarks reported within the volume-scaled multi-year M3 benchmark suite as performed and audited by STAC (The Securities Technology Analysis Center). The STAC M3 test suite is designed to test the suitability and scalability of technology stacks for managing financial time-series data.

With this benchmark, Kx set new performance records that were several times faster than most of the previous test results. Kdb+'s integrated architecture enabled complex analytics performed during the benchmark on the 48 terabyte dataset to draw on data both in-memory and on disk, as needed.

Peter Lankford, Director of STAC, said: "Trading firms in the STAC Benchmark Council designed the STAC-M3 suite to represent a range of performance challenges that are common in financial time-series analysis. As data volumes grow and as the query demands from quants, machines, and regulators increase, it is more important than ever for tick database solutions to perform well at scale. Kx's kdb+, running on Dell EMC DSSD D5 and PowerEdge servers, has established performance records while testing on the largest STAC-M3 data scale so far."