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Vela adds new market data feed handlers and gateways

First Published 1st November 2016

Vela Trading Technologies' new direct market feed handlers and gateways extends to Asian markets.

Jennifer Nayar,  Trading Technologies

Jennifer Nayar, Trading Technologies

New York - Vela Trading Technologies has announced the expansion of its market data coverage, adding new direct market feed handlers and gateways including a number across Asian markets. The venues span multiple exchanges and cover asset classes including futures, options, equities, foreign exchange, indices, derivatives, index futures, and index options.

Vela's SMDS direct data feed handlers are developed and built entirely in house with no third-party dependencies. Vela now offers over 250 venues and is adding new SMDS feed handlers to this list in line with client requirements. The feed handlers deliver low latency processing of market data events and can also be configured to deliver data to multiple applications in an enterprise setting.

Vela has also added new SREX market access gateways to its inventory to support order flow to liquidity pools in Tokyo, Osaka, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong market access solution supports the China Connect Open Gateway Interface, which connects the Hong Kong and Shanghai exchanges, to allow firms to trade eligible shares on the other market.

Jennifer Nayar, CEO of Vela Trading Technologies, commented: "We are committed to supporting the continued growth of our clients' trading activity with ever-increasing feed handler coverage including venues in Asia that have recently been in high demand from our client base."