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Wall Street Horizon corporate event data now available via Virtua

First Published 9th November 2016

Wall Street Horizon earnings event data offered to corporate and investor relations professionals through the Virtua Research platform.

Bruce Fador, Wall Street Horizon

Bruce Fador, Wall Street Horizon

Boston - Wall Street Horizon, a provider of corporate event dates and information for institutional traders and investors, has announced that its earnings-related corporate event data is now available to the corporate "C-suite" and Investor Relations (IR) professionals for the first time through the Virtua platform.

Wall Street Horizon is providing Virtua Research, a financial services technology company, with five of its forward-looking and historical event data types via its Enchilada online application--corporate earnings dates, earnings reports, earnings announcements, earnings revisions and earnings conference calls. In addition, Virtua subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase the full Enchilada premium service with all 40+ corporate event types.

Now CFOs and financial analysts alike can perform a wide range of IR tasks from peer analysis to consensus analysis using the Virtua platform by accessing Enchilada event data in combination with the Virtua analytics and additional research tools.

Bruce Fador, president of Wall Street Horizon said: "We are excited for Virtua to be the first IR-focused platform to feature Enchilada and believe by using our corporate event data, it will help firms better manage their competitive analysis."