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REDI to provide access to S3 Partners' BLACKLIGHT

First Published 10th November 2016

S3's suite of treasury management reporting and analysis tools now available to REDI clients.

Michael Rude, REDI

Michael Rude, REDI

New York - REDI Global Technologies and S3 Partners have teamed up to provide REDI's clients with access to S3's BLACKLIGHT platform, a suite of treasury management reporting and analysis tools intended to provide security, stability and franchise longevity.

Michael Rude, REDI's Chief Revenue Officer, said: "This partnership with S3 Partners allows us to provide REDI users with an extremely valuable suite of treasury management data and reporting tools to support long-term business growth and stability."

BLACKLIGHT centralizes, fortifies and reconciles treasury management data. Using its Treasury, Collateral and Counterparty Risk Management tools, buy-side firms can create the reporting and data extracts necessary to track and manage their Total Cost of Ownership and Terms (TCOT). The web-based platform provides clients with customizable, consolidated reports for margin, cash, positions, commission wallet, ROA (return on assets), financing and broker vote metrics.