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Liquidnet launches new technology for the buy-side

First Published 10th November 2016

Liquidnet's Virtual High Touch supports the shifting balance of power from the sell side to the buy side. Includes launch of second generation Algo Ranking Model and Real-Time Course Correction.

Seth Merrin, Liquidnet

Seth Merrin, Liquidnet

New York - Liquidnet, the institutional trading network, has announced the launch of Liquidnet Virtual High Touch, a new category of buy-side technology that brings together advanced data analysis, adaptive learning algorithms, unique liquidity search tools, and real-time analytics. As a key component of Virtual High Touch technology, Liquidnet also announced an upgrade to its Algo Ranking Model with Real-Time Course Correction, which has been designed to help institutional traders make decisions around algorithmic trading.

"As services from traditional sell-side providers continue to decline, the buy side is stepping up to fill that void," said Seth Merrin, Founder and CEO of Liquidnet.

Launched in August last year, Liquidnet's Algo Ranking Model generates a complete profile of an order before ranking Liquidnet's Next Gen Algos according to the trader's execution objectives. Based on Member feedback over the past year, it now recommends more detailed combinations of algos and parameters. Traders can also customize recommendations based on their own intuition about a symbol's price direction with a new 'Trader Conviction' feature. Algo Ranking Model is currently available for US equities and will be rolling out globally in 2017.

Algo orders created through Liquidnet's Algo Ranking Model can also utilise the newly-launched Real- Time Course Correction. After a trader has selected a Liquidnet Next Gen Algo, the model will continue to monitor market conditions in the background. If market conditions change and a new algo is ranked higher, the trader will be alerted in real time and presented with an option to change course.