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Object Trading conforms to SGX Titan platform

First Published 14th November 2016

Singapore Exchange Titan platform goes live; full approval provides Object Trading clients direct connection to pan-Asian liquidity.

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading

New York and London - Object Trading has announced that it fully conforms to Singapore Exchange's (SGX) latest trading platform, Titan.

Upgrading to NASDAQ's Genium INET platform enables SGX to offer enhancements and new features to participants including new connectivity protocols, extended trading hours, and enhanced risk controls. Object Trading will continue to handle market data, order execution and pre-trade risk constraints for its clients trading on SGX, via its own Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform.

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading's Director of Strategy, said: "By using our platform, clients don't have to continually make independent investments in connectivity development and maintenance for every technology change at an exchange."