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BSO announces fast connectivity to and from Dubai

First Published 16th November 2016

Michael Ourabah, BSO

Michael Ourabah, BSO

London - BSO, the Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider, has lowered network latencies in / out of Dubai. The company said its network currently offers the lowest latencies on the market.

· London <> Dubai - 93ms RTD

· Frankfurt <> Dubai - 92ms RTD

· Mumbai <> Dubai - 27ms RTD

· Singapore <> Dubai - 74ms RTD

· Chicago <> Dubai - 164ms RTD

This development reinforces BSO's partnership with DGCX - Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange. Many of DGCX's products are in high demand due to volatility in global markets and a resurgence of gold as an investment safe haven.

"High Frequency Traders and algorithmic traders will benefit immensely from our new latencies," says Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO. "Dubai and DGCX are extremely popular marketplaces for the international financial community and we are constantly refining our network to ensure our customers are always one step ahead of competitors."