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McKay Brothers slashes latency between Tokyo and Singapore

First Published 17th November 2016

Microwave provider extends into Asia with route between @Tokyo and SGX data centers.

Francois Tyc, McKay Brothers International

Francois Tyc, McKay Brothers International

Tokyo - McKay Brothers International is now live with its first Asia route, offering low latency private bandwidth between Tokyo and Singapore. The route between the @Tokyo (CC2) and SGX data centers delivers data less than 63 milliseconds round trip. MBI will also offer Asia-sourced market data on its Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service utilizing its hybrid microwave and fiber path.

"We are thrilled to offer Asia traders and risk managers a level playing field for the best latency between Tokyo and Singapore," says MBI managing director Francois Tyc. "We will expand with other Asia routes in the near future."