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Thomson Reuters adds Westlaw for investors on Eikon

First Published 17th November 2016

Court Wire app taps Westlaw data to deliver litigation intelligence and inform trading decisions.

New York - Investors can now find real-time insight into whether an entity, market or industry is the subject of litigation at the exact time a lawsuit is filed - and assess the likely impact on its stock price - with the Court Wire app, now available on Eikon, Thomson Reuters financial markets desktop.

Court Wire combines data from Thomson Reuters legal research provider Westlaw, Thomson Reuters tick history data, and the analytical features of Eikon to create a one-stop source for equity traders and other buy-side professionals to make investment decisions based on a legal action. The app provides automatic alerts in a trader's stock portfolio when a lawsuit has been filed against a corporation and charts historical data to show how the stock prices of other companies and industries have reacted in similar circumstances.

The Court Wire application offers users customizable alerts and search criteria, visual movement of real-time and historical price changes, summaries of complex legal cases, and, utilizing Eikon charting and reporting tools, the ability to create interactive visualizations and competitive analysis.

Court Wire reporters monitor over 200 key courts in the U.S., including all federal courts, collecting new cases as they are filed. Report filings are customizable and delivered to clients hours, days, or in some cases weeks before the cases are scheduled on a court docket. Reporters provide a concise synopsis of the key legal issues in each filing so clients can understand the essence of a case.

"Timely insight on court cases has long been the reason attorneys have depended on Westlaw Court Wire," said Andy Martens, global head of legal product and editorial, Thomson Reuters. "Combining this insight with the expert analytical capabilities of Eikon offers a new level of results from the rich Thomson Reuters data that tax, legal and financial professionals across the globe depend on daily."