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enepath and Insightful provide trade reconstruction and compliance solution

First Published 1st December 2016

Partnership provides capture, integration and retrieval of voice and data across the trading lifecycle.

London, New York and Singapore - enepath, the voice trading and communications provider, and Insightful Technology, compliance solutions specialists, have partnered to integrate voice trading with all other trading data.

The solution combines Insightful's Soteria, the multimedia capture, analytics, proactive monitoring, and case reconstruction platform, with enepath's Eclipse trader voice product suite. The Eclipse suite includes trading turret and high definition (HD) integrated voice recording technology, and is delivered in cooperation with Telstra.

Gavin Davis, CEO at enepath said, "It has long been a time consuming and tedious task to review and analyse multiple simultaneous trading voice conversations. The ideal format for this is text. To be able to transpose from voice into text, firms need incredibly good quality audio without any over-talk, cross-talk or compression." He continued, "With the integration of Soteria, firms using the Eclipse turret are able to effectively search through all those conversations and listen in real-time, or consolidate them in a format that can be searched and recalled as and when necessary".

Firms can also integrate full multimedia content pre-, at-, and post-trade, pulling together communications including voice from trading turrets, mobile phones and fixed lines. Data from email, SMS, IM and social media correspondence is also gatherable, as well as trade and settlement information from any location.