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Bloomberg Tradebook enhances cross-asset trading platform to enable relative trading

First Published 12th December 2016

New feature helps clients trade securities relative to benchmark to generate alpha.

Michael Baradas, Bloomberg Tradebook

Michael Baradas, Bloomberg Tradebook

New York - Bloomberg Tradebook, Bloomberg's agency brokerage business, has announced the release of its Relative Benchmark Trading algorithm for its cross-asset trading platform, PAIR {PAIR}. Bloomberg Tradebook clients can dynamically trade one security relative to a set benchmark.

Michael Baradas, Cross Asset Product Manager at Bloomberg Tradebook said: "With the new Relative Benchmark Trading algorithm on the PAIR platform, Bloomberg Tradebook is empowering clients with the tools needed to implement and execute the most effective alpha-generating strategies."

Bloomberg Tradebook clients can select the appropriate benchmark or peer stock from tickers available on the Bloomberg Professional service. the new algorithm can also be utilized on an intraday basis, giving clients the ability to construct a trading strategy based on a stock relative to the benchmark.