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Abacus launches AbacusFLEX Protect

First Published 20th December 2016

Managed cloud services provider for alternative investment funds provides critical client data protection.

San Francisco - Abacus Group, a provider of hosted cloud IT solutions for alternative investment funds, has announced an expansion of its cybersecurity services with the launch of AbacusFLEX Protect.

FLEX Protect provides Auditing & Reporting capabilities and leverages Varonis DatAdvantage, a solution that monitors file activity and user behavior to manage permissions, identify where sensitive data resides and prevent breaches.

Abacus developed FLEX Protect to be proprietary and custom tailored to the Alternative Investment Industry and to provide insight into a hedge fund's systems and services, highlighting patterns, security risks and social connections to monitor and protect sensitive data from insider threats. Administrators can use the single interface of the Abacus Portal Dashboard to access the FLEX Protect services and manage and visualize permissions and map groups of users to only the data they need to access.

"Abacus is very pleased to leverage Varonis to provide these leading edge security services to our client base. Abacus continues to be very committed to helping our hedge fund clients address and adhere to new requirements being placed on them by regulators and investors," says Josh Barons, Director of Security at Abacus Group.