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AIM Software integrates MATLAB with GAIN EDM

First Published 22nd December 2016

New connector enables access of quality controlled data from GAIN directly into MATLAB.

Vienna - AIM Software has announced that GAIN, its enterprise data management platform, is now fully interfaced with MATLAB, offering quants and data analysts a direct access to their securities databases cross-referenced by GAIN, to develop investment and risk models.

Investment management and research teams use MATLAB to develop mathematical models aimed at analyzing portfolios, quantifying risk, and creating performance investment management strategies. Quantitative Research Teams access securities data and manipulate large volumes of data (time-series for example) to research, implement, back-test, and fully validate their models.

"Based on the feedback of our client community, AIM Software launched a product designed for automating the data preparation steps required for developing custom mathematical models", says Olivier Kenji Mathurin, Head of Strategic Research. "It acts as a central platform that automatically collects and cross-references data from various sources, thus eliminating the risk of error-prone manual consolidation. Moreover, it enables more accurate time-series that can be traced back, from sourcing to the usage of the data."

Today, joint-users of the products can directly access via MATLAB® the quality-controlled data collected by GAIN.

"Users can provide the date ranges and the factors they require, and only the data that's necessary is loaded directly into MATLAB from the server API, without requiring file manipulation." adds Olivier.