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CBOE's historical data subscription service migrates to CBOE Livevol Data Shop

First Published 10th January 2017

Chicago Board Options Exchange plans expanded product and service offerings for 2017.

Chicago - Chicago Board Options Exchange has announced that its historical market data service, formerly operated by Market Data Express (MDX), migrated to CBOE Livevol Data Shop on January 6.

The consolidation of historical data services under the CBOE Livevol Data Shop umbrella aims to enhance the historical market data offerings currently available, and to broaden customizable services and reports available to subscribers. MDX will continue to offer real-time market data from CBOE and C2, as well as a real-time index data service.

CBOE Livevol Data Shop, a source for options, equity and exchange-traded fund (ETF) market data, enables customers to access quotes and trades on options and underlying equity security for the period from 2004 until the present. It provides subscribers with customized data sets and subscriptions to standardized daily, monthly and annual data packages.

With the consolidation of the two services, historical data on some products will now be available dating back to 1990, and product and timeframe parameters will be more customizable.

Additional information on CBOE Livevol Data Shop can be found at: .