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Kase StatWar major update available on CQG's Charting API

First Published 10th January 2017

Kase StatWare indicator update now available on CQG Integrated Client through CQG's Charting API.

Cynthia Kase, Kase and Company

Cynthia Kase, Kase and Company

Cheyenne, WY and Tucson - Kase and Company has announced that a major update of its StatWare indicators is now available on CQG Integrated Client through CQG's Charting API.

Kase StatWare is a set of proprietary market-timing indicators that combine statistical and mathematical algorithms with traditional trading techniques to form a disciplined trading methodology and strategy.

The latest innovations simplify entry signals into L and S symbols for long and short, and Kase's complex swing math is incorporated into the code to generate "get ready" long and short warning signals. Additionally, it's no longer necessary to determine over-bought or over-sold signals or momentum divergence, as Kase's KasePO and KaseCD display these conditions.

Cynthia A. Kase, president of Kase and Company said: "We are delighted to make our newest update to Kase StatWare available on CQG. The updated algorithms and clearer signal display enable traders to make quick and effective trading decisions."

"Not only does our new Charting API allow Kase to set their own release cycle to push updates to customers as often as they deem necessary, but it also opens the door to anyone working with unwieldy time series models to use the statistical programming language of their choice and apply it to any CQG chart with a simple right-click interface," said Josh Freivogel, CQG product and sales, who helped develop the offering with Kase.