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OTAS launches Intraday Lingo

First Published 16th January 2017

OTAS Technologies has launched Intraday Lingo, a tool to help traders meet regulatory and best execution requirements.

Tom Doris, OTAS Technologies

Tom Doris, OTAS Technologies

London - OTAS Intraday Lingo pairs Lingo's automated natural language with its microstructure charts to provide traders with an alert-driven timeline of intraday events throughout the trading day, with a verification option through clicking on each entry and inspecting the microstructure.

OTAS Intraday Lingo addresses best execution post-trade analysis requirements relating to MiFID II. Traders and risk officers can access OTAS Intraday Lingo reports, which summarize important events from the trading day for a security. Additionally, OTAS Intraday Lingo provides standard TCA metrics and includes the context of the market dynamics over the life of the orders.

"In a rapidly changing regulatory environment, we are committed to helping our clients maximize efficiency while being compliant to new regulatory requirements," said Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies. "Today's traders are already faced with an immense amount of data to sift through while making trading decisions. Traders make hundreds, if not thousands of trades daily, sometimes with only a fraction of a second to make those decisions."

OTAS Intraday Lingo is currently live for European and US Markets and will extend to Asia soon.