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Sapient Synapse now registered with Bloomberg

First Published 25th January 2017

Sapient Enhances Synapse Platform with Bloomberg Ontology and Provenance data.

Gavin Kaimowitz, Sapient

Gavin Kaimowitz, Sapient

Boston - Sapient Global Markets has announced that the Sapient Synapse platform is registered under Bloomberg's Enterprise Solutions Partner Program for the inclusion of Bloomberg Ontology and Provenance data.

Bloomberg Ontology includes metadata detailing all fields, including their definitions, datatypes, and properties, across all data received from Bloomberg. Bloomberg Provenance is metadata that states the author under whose authority data was published, a definition of the sources and components of data, the process by which data was compiled, the location at which data was delivered, and timestamp information for when data was produced.

With Synapse registered under the program, users gain access to the Bloomberg data. The onboarding process for users is improved, with Bloomberg data feeds automatically available within Synapse, rather than teams having to request for new files to be uploaded. The UI also creates more actionable insights, replacing the traditional scrutiny within Excel with enhanced visualizations of the data that provide greater clarity around its interrelationships and usage within the organization. As a registered vendor of Bloomberg content, Synapse is also ready to be integrated into Bloomberg technology and market data distribution systems.

Gavin Kaimowitz, head of Sapient Global Markets' data practice said: "Synapse clients can now benefit from seeing Bloomberg data in Synapse with intuitive tools for transparency and data discovery."