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Macquarie launches digital platform for equities research and services

First Published 31st January 2017

Macquarie Dimension enhances global equities research offering with flexible access.

London and New York - Macquarie Group has launched Macquarie Dimension - a new platform that allows clients to selectively access Macquarie analysis and services. Macquarie Dimension is designed to cater for clients who don't require full-scale institutional equities research services, but want the option to access research, events and advisory on an ad hoc or incremental basis.

Access to Macquarie research was previously only available on an enterprise license basis - providing unlimited access to all content and services. Macquarie Dimension is an alternative to the traditional consumption model for sell-side research and resources and aims to meet changing client needs driven by cost, competition and regulatory changes.

Qualified clients can pay an agreed subscription; with the option to purchase additional services, including direct access to Macquarie's analysts, third party content and specific client conferences for an additional fee, as and when required.