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Global Capacity simplifies connectivity to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Equinix Cloud Exchanges

First Published 31st January 2017

One Marketplace platform combines ethernet and cloud connect, streamlining end-to-end multipoint services across the cloud ecosystem.

Jack Lodge, Global Capacity

Jack Lodge, Global Capacity

Waltham, MA - Global Capacity, the connectivity as a service company, has announced the availability of its Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect service. The virtual network service from Global Capacity's One Marketplace software-defined network platform enables enterprises to build multiple cloud services from a single port in real time to access hybrid and multi-cloud solutions across multiple locations.

Businesses can connect to Cloud locations or select from a list of interconnected One Marketplace Cloud destinations including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and 20 other Cloud providers on Equinix Cloud Exchange. Combining multi-destination Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) and Global Capacity's One Marketplace, Ethernet Multi-Cloud Connect aims to streamline commercial buying across the Cloud services ecosystem.

"With the migration of data, applications, and storage to the cloud, edge connectivity is becoming more complex. Global Capacity is simplifying that complexity with its One Marketplace platform," says Jack Lodge, President, Global Capacity.