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IPC launches Connexus Chrono

First Published 7th February 2017

IPC's clock synchronization and time stamping service to enable auditable and compliant trading.

IPC, a provider of communications and networking solutions, has announced the launch of Connexus Chrono, a turnkey clock synchronization and time stamping service.

IPC delivers the Connexus Chrono solution from 10 facilities in the European Union, North America and financial centers in the Asia-Pacific. Time feeds are established using atomic clocks and are synchronized to UTC to ensure the same time is available from all Connexus Chrono clocks globally. Connexus Chrono can be delivered at a variety of different levels of accuracy ranging from 1 microsecond to 250 microseconds.

"Time accuracy and synchronization are at the heart of regulatory compliance with MiFID II RTS-25 and FINRA Rule 4590 placing strict requirements on the granularity of timestamps and the maximum divergences of the clock they are read from depending on the trading strategy," said Robert Powell, Director of Compliance, IPC.

"Connexus Chrono has been performance engineered to ensure that market participants are not only in compliance with global regulations around clock-synchronization of trade data but also benefit from enhanced performance visibility, risk mitigation, digital forensics and accurate financial reporting."