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Bats One Premium market data now available through FactSet

First Published 15th February 2017

FactSet now provides Bats One Premium's five levels of quoted depth, trade information.

Kevin Carrai, Bats

Kevin Carrai, Bats

Kansas City and New York - Bats Global Markets has announced that its Bats One Premium market data product is now available for distribution across FactSet products and platforms. FactSet, a provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications and service, this month became the first distribution partner to offer this new product.

Bats One Premium features five levels of real-time quoted depth and trade information across the four Bats U.S. stock exchanges, and is geared towards the sophisticated professional investor.

Kevin Carrai, Vice President, Market Data and Access Services, at Bats said: "Professional investors are increasingly seeking access to more comprehensive stock market data and we are committed to finding new and unique ways to meet the industry's needs."