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Thomson Reuters Eikon provides European elections news and analysis

First Published 21st February 2017

Decision Europe app helps investors to navigate economic and political uncertainties.

Debra Walton, Thomson Reuters

Debra Walton, Thomson Reuters

London - Thomson Reuters has launched a dedicated app on its desktop product Eikon that provides financial professionals with a one-stop location for market and economic data, news, and analysis leading up to and after the upcoming elections in The Netherlands (March 15), France (April 23 and May 7), and Germany (September 24).

The app will give clients a desktop view of events in the new global political economy, and a one-stop location for market data, news, commentary, and analysis. In addition, the app provides continuous Reuters news and commentary, as well as key economic snapshots for both the individual countries and the EU overall.

"The economic and political tumult in Europe and the U.S. in unprecedented in recent times," said Debra Walton, managing director of Customer Proposition at Thomson Reuters. "With greater regional and global economic uncertainties, investors need seamless access to the most comprehensive portfolio of news and data relevant to make informed decisions."