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Dow Jones multicast news product available via Equinix NY

First Published 21st February 2017

Dow Jones launches multicast news feed via Equinix New York data center.

John Knuff, Equinix

John Knuff, Equinix

New York - Dow Jones has launched a multicast news product which will be available in the Equinix Secaucus Campus (NY2, NY4, NY5 and NY6) International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers.

The Equinix interconnection service enables customers to connect directly to the Dow Jones multicast news feed alongside other data providers and similar services, helping Dow Jones customers to receive information with a direct and scalable interconnection.

"Dow Jones's multicast feed is a strong complement to our growing financial ecosystem. As we see an increasing number of financial trading firms colocating in the Secaucus campus, we are confident Dow Jones will accelerate its growth in this ever-changing market," said John Knuff, vice president, financial services, at Equinix.