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Exegy launches market data vendor service

First Published 27th February 2017

Exegy launches vending services for direct market data feeds from United States equities, commodities, and derivatives markets.

David Taylor, Exegy

David Taylor, Exegy

St Louis - The new Exegy X-Port service provides low-latency access to direct feed products from US markets at major co-location data centers.

"Exegy X-Port is differentiated by its speed, service, and cost," says chief technology officer David Taylor. The underlying network for the service utilizes direct connections from each of the US markets directly to points of presence via the lowest possible latency fiber optic network links. The network delivers superior performance to legacy networks that carry the feeds to a centralized hub prior to distributing the data to end consumers."

The new X-Port service may be combined with Exegy's products for market data normalization and distribution to provide a comprehensive market data solution. Exegy is now able to bundle market data connectivity and vending services with its managed hardware-accelerated appliances and embedded software ticker plants.