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Volante's new version of Designer supports Microservices Architecture

First Published 1st March 2017

Volante Technologies' Designer version 5.2 now also available with the latest SWIFT Standards Release 2017.

Venkat Malla, Volante Technologies

Venkat Malla, Volante Technologies

New York, London, Dubai, and Mexico City - Volante Technologies, the provider of software for financial messages and payments, has announced support for the technology underpinning Microservices Architecture and SWIFT Standards Release 2017.

Volante Designer version 5.2 provides support for developing and deploying RESTful services - the building blocks of a microservices architecture. As the financial industry shifts towards increasing standardization and collaboration, the responsibility falls on the underlying technology to provide integration of applications and services provided by various institutions such as banks, corporates, service providers and regulatory institutions. Such close coupling is also required to address the regulatory requirements for APIs such as the Open Banking APIs and PSD2.

Internal applications, especially within large organizations, can also deploy distributed RESTful services to promote scalability, reusability and remote access. Volante can generate REST Client and REST server implementations for any service built using Volante Designer. Volante also provides native support to convert any standard message to JSON format and vice versa.

Venkat Malla, VP, Product Management, Volante Technologies, said, "By introducing comprehensive support for REST and JSON standards, clients are able to not only interface with modern infrastructure like blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) but also build out their own user interfaces."