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Exegy adds IEX data to X-Port service

First Published 6th March 2017

Rob Park, IEX

Rob Park, IEX

St Louis - Exegy, the provider of managed services and technology for real-time financial market data, has added IEX data to its X-Port market data vending service.

The Exegy X-Port service provides low-latency access to direct feed products from US equities, options, and futures markets at major co-location data centers.

Rob Park, IEX's chief technology officer said: "At IEX, we're committed to ensuring that all market participants have equal access to the market data they need to make informed trading decisions. That includes publishing IEX TOPS data for free through networks like Exegy that they already trust and use."

David Taylor, Exegy's chief technology officer said: "In addition to providing market participants with a high-quality, differentiated execution venue, IEX is a fast-growing part of the National Market System and its real-time data is an essential ingredient in building a complete view of the National Best Bid and Offer for US equities."