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Liquidnet expands Next Gen algo suite in Canada

First Published 7th March 2017

Liquidnet centralizes block liquidity in Canada.

Rob Laible, Liquidnet

Rob Laible, Liquidnet

Toronto - Liquidnet, the institutional trading network, has announced the full rollout of its Next Gen algo suite in Canada enhancing access to block liquidity in the region.

The Next Gen algorithmic suite includes Liquidnet's liquidity-seeking algo, Liquidnet Dark, which looks for liquidity in Liquidnet and other dark venues. New additions for Canada include Liquidnet Barracuda, designed to simultaneously seek a large block in Liquidnet while opportunistically searching for available liquidity across external venues, and Liquidnet Sweep-Then-Post, designed to take available liquidity in order to strike tactically at attractive price levels or get small orders done.

"An algorithm is only as good as the liquidity it can access. Our Next Gen Algos are the only ones that tap into Liquidnet's unique pool of deep, natural liquidity, while also intelligently sourcing liquidity from both the lit and dark markets," said Rob Laible, Global Head of Equity Strategy.