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Rival Systems and Algo-Logic Systems offer integrated trading solution

First Published 13th March 2017

Rival Software and Algo-Logic FPGA hardware bring sub-microsecond latency to trading firms.

John Lockwood, Algo-Logic Systems

John Lockwood, Algo-Logic Systems

Chicago and Santa Clara - Rival Systems, the provider of trading and risk management software, and Algo-Logic Systems, an FPGA low latency trading solutions provider, have teamed up to develop an integrated offering using Algo-Logic's FPGA hardware and Rival's trading and algorithmic strategy development software.

The complete tick-to-trade "out-of-the-box" solution for futures and options enables traders and firms of all sizes to capture sub-microsecond latency and deterministic performance.

Rival and Algo-Logic expect to deploy the integrated offering in the second quarter. The integration will begin with Algo-Logic's low latency Tick-to-Trade (T2T) System for the CME. The companies expect to provide similar capabilities for other exchanges going forward.

Algo-Logic CEO John Lockwood said: "Trading firms are always facing that 'build vs. buy' decision, and all but the very largest firms have to wonder whether the huge investment in infrastructure and time will pay off when they choose to build their own trading system from scratch. With this integration with Rival, they get the best of both worlds - a pre-built, easy-to-enable solution with the features they want, without an upgrade to their infrastructure."

Algo-Logic's FPGA trading system also allows for deterministic sub-microsecond latency on some types of trades. Unlike the Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips, the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are silicon chips that can be re-programmed to their desired application or functionality requirements after manufacturing.