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Colt announces Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service

First Published 14th March 2017

Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service to provide full-scale support of enterprise communication cloud computing in April.

Tokyo - Colt Technology Services has announced that its Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service for enterprises will be available starting in April. The Service is an all-in-one solution that combines PBX functionality, IP Phones, and connectivity to office.

With Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service, customers are not required to purchase their own PBX, allowing them to pay only an initial cost and a monthly fee. It can also reduce the typical overhead and issues associated with PBX and telephony systems used by companies with multi-site connections at different offices.

The PBX system used by the Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service is installed within Colt's data centres. Connectivity is powered by the Colt IQ Network, Colt's private Ethernet network.

Provided they come from the same organization, calls made with Colt Asia Cloud PBX Service are free; they are treated as internal extension numbers. Furthermore, Colt-provided phone numbers (e.g. 0AB-J numbers, 050 IP numbers), and domestic toll free numbers (not for 050 IP numbers) can be used with the full set of PBX features, such as incoming and outgoing telephony, call transfer, hold, conference call, etc.