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Corvil improves fixed income trading technology

First Published 15th March 2017

New type of visibility to optimize trading performance in evolving fixed income markets.

David Murray, Corvil

David Murray, Corvil

New York - Corvil has announced a new solution for Fixed Income market participants intended to improve electronic execution quality and reduce market and operational risk.

The new solution provides a view into the electronic trading ecosystem that combines counterparty activity, trader and client experience, and underlying technology platform performance in one correlated picture.

Corvil's solution caters to multiple stakeholders within customer organizations, delivering business information and intelligence for trading desk heads and business leaders, application visibility and transaction analysis for platform teams, and workflows for technology teams to identify and diagnose advanced issues.

"We recognize leaders of today's digital businesses - especially those as complex as Fixed Income trading - require transparency into how their business is performing commercially, visibility into their customer activity and experience, and information about the performance and security of their underlying applications and technology infrastructure," said David Murray, Corvil's Chief Business Development Officer. "Our solution provides a new level of benefit across all three dimensions and we are excited by the customer feedback we have received to date regarding the value delivered."