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Banco Santander's Julio Faura joins Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

First Published 15th March 2017

Head of R&D For innovation initiatives at Banco Santander joins trade association board of directors

Julio Faura Banco, Santander

Julio Faura Banco, Santander

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA), a non-profit trade association for blockchain adoption in financial markets, has announced that Dr. Julio Faura has joined the WSBA Board of Directors. Dr. Faura is head of R&D for innovation initiatives at Banco Santander, a retail and commercial bank, headquartered in Spain, with a market share in 10 core countries in Europe and the Americas.

Dr. Faura brings over twenty years of experience in financial markets to the Board, and is an acknowledged thought leader in the key areas of e-commerce, internet-based financial services and blockchain technology.

Julio Faura said: "We are witnessing a rapid evolution of blockchain technology towards enterprise-grade readiness, unraveling the enormous possibilities of shared ledgers and smart contracts. I think it is now time to work collectively to better understand how this technology can effectively be used in a compliant and secure way. The goal is to advance the use of blockchain technology in order to offer customers services that are more efficient, faster and safer for numerous financial transactions."