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Anova goes live with patented wireless to fiber arbitration service between Bats and NASDAQ.

First Published 20th March 2017

Product offers 'self-healing' between disparate transport mediums, ensuring a packet is never dropped in fast markets or inclement weather.

Mike Persico, Anova Technologies

Mike Persico, Anova Technologies

New York and Chicago - Anova Technologies, a provider of exchange connectivity, has announced the launch of its wireless to fiber arbitration service, dubbed "self-healing".

The patented product works by delivering any wireless packets that are dropped due to weather or over-subscription of bandwidth, via a fiber network. All packets that were sent arrive in the proper sequence order, without any need for interaction or inefficient failover. The first network to have this service in production is Anova's free space optic/millimeter wave path between the data centers of Carteret, NJ and Secaucus, NJ, which house the NASDAQ and Bats matching engines, respectively.

"While our dual-spectrum wireless systems are the highest availability in the world, there's always weather corner-cases that can cause disruption to the data transmission. As a result, we custom developed this service to elegantly solve for those occurrences. Additionally, self-healing really shines when the markets get fast and a firm might exhaust its allocated bandwidth. When this occurs, historically a provider's configuration would drop packets that contain client's essential market data or critical customer orders. But now, Anova's self-healing is going to autonomously intercede and deliver over fiber - ensuring a client's bid/ask book stays intact or the order gets to the market", stated Mike Persico, founder and CEO of Anova Technologies.

Anova plans to deploy this solution on all its paths, which include the full equities triangle, CME to ICE and to NY4.