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Quantopian hires Leslie Baccini as Director of Investor Relations

First Published 24th March 2017

Algorithmic trading platform and educational community expands financial team.

Leslie Baccini, Quantopian

Leslie Baccini, Quantopian

Boston - Quantopian, the free online platform for education and creation of investment algorithms, has hired Leslie Baccini as Director of Investor Relations.

Baccini comes to Quantopian with a background in hedge fund strategy communication and equity research sales. She joins Quantopian from The Boston Company, where she was responsible for communicating the firm's hedge fund strategies to clients and prospective clients.

"I'm thrilled to be joining a company that is finding hidden quant talent globally, and fundamentally changing the hedge fund landscape." said Baccini. "With more than 120,000 members, Quantopian has developed a platform where quants from around the globe can gather to test their ideas and implement their theories to market."