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BCS Global Markets appoints co-CEOs for London

First Published 28th March 2017

Tim Bevan and Bradley Duke named co-Chief Executives for BCS Prime Brokerage (BCS UK).

Roman Lokhov, BCS Global Markets

Roman Lokhov, BCS Global Markets

BCS Global Markets, the Russian investment bank and Moscow exchange securities broker, has announced the appointment of Bradley Duke and Tim Bevan as co-CEOs of its UK entity, BCS Prime Brokerage Ltd (BCS UK).

The decision to appoint two Chief Executives for BCS UK comes as headcount at BCS UK has grown to over 170 since the beginning of 2017 - with the establishment of a branch in Moscow of the FCA regulated UK entity, that now encompasses the entire operations and business support functions of BCS Global Markets. The new structure addresses this change in order to ensure robust controls remain in place as the company expands.

Tim Bevan was recently promoted to Global Head of Prime Brokerage, extending his remit to cover prime business in Russia and establishing the wealth management division within the investment bank, while Bradley Duke joined BCS last year as regional Head of UK, Europe and the US.

Roman Lokhov, CEO, BCS Global Markets, said: "I believe that appointing Tim and Bradley as co-CEO of BCS UK is the optimal solution for addressing both business and administrative demands. I have known Bradley and Tim for a long time and have worked with them in several organisations over the last 15 years. We share a unified vision and, at such an important stage of our company's growth, two CEO's in the UK means the burden of major areas of responsibility can be shared allowing each greater flexibility to reflect, innovate and execute."