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IPC launches Global Exchange Reach solution

First Published 29th March 2017

IPC, a provider of communications and networking solutions, has announced the launch of Global Exchange Reach, a connectivity solution that enables exchanges, alternative trading systems, multilateral trading facilities, and other liquidity venues located in one part of the world to attract order flow and distribute market data in new geographies.

The solution is already in production for Singapore Exchange in North America where IPC manages the SGX Chicago Hub at CME Group's facility in Aurora, Illinois

"As their home markets saturate, we see significant demand among the 6,000 market participants in our global financial ecosystem for reliable, secure and cost-effective access to new sources of liquidity," said Tim Carmody, Vice President, Global Product Management and Engineering, Financial Markets Network, IPC.

"Our Global Exchange Reach solution has been performance engineered to fulfil a critical market need by simplifying challenges and removing friction for connecting investors and liquidity venues whose primary markets are in different parts of the world."