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Thomson Reuters and Finatext develop new investment information service

First Published 30th March 2017

Thomson Reuters delivers data service from FinTech Firm Finatext using social media analysis of listed stocks in Japan.

Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of a new investment information service in collaboration with Japanese FinTech firm Finatext. "Social Indicator" is set to launch in June 2017 and will provide investment information by analyzing content on social networking platforms.

The service is available to individual investors from financial institutions who have access to Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct for Wealth Management (TRKDWM), a platform that provides market insight, company and financial market information.

Social Indicator analyzes social media content and converts it into numerical data, which is then provided as investment data and ideas for individual investors. The data service encompasses all stocks listed in Japan, in which specific stocks are vectorized into their own "Social Score" which can be further ranked into the "Hot stocks", "Market specific-trending stocks" and more.